Top Contributors to Expensive Power Bills

Why is my power bill so expensive? If you’re one of many Australian’s that ask yourself this same question every time you open your power bill, we’re here to answer all of your questions. Believe it or not, how you run your appliances has a lot to do with your power bill costs. So let’s discuss some of the top contributors to expensive power bills and how you can reduce your costs by making a few simple changes!


Running air conditioning for extended periods will really add up on your power bill. Try to use fans instead or only run the AC when necessary.

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The same rule applies for heating – using it for extended periods will drive up your costs. So instead, see if you can adjust the temperature in your home to reduce running costs.



Computers are expensive to run, so instead of sending them to sleep when you leave the house or go to sleep, shut them down completely. By doing so, you will decrease the cost of your power bill.



Swimming pools consume a lot of energy and are expensive to run. Try running the pump only when you need it and mainly during the summer months to keep costs low.



Instead of only washing small loads frequently, wait until you have a larger amount to run at once. Running less often but larger amounts will lower the costs of your power bills. Also, try using cold water instead of hot to reduce your bills even further.



Similarly, dishwashers use a lot of energy and can be expensive to run. Try not to use them during peak hours or wait until you have a full load to run.



If your goal is to reduce your power bills, we recommend ditching the dryer. Or at least reduce how often you use it. Instead, take advantage of your clothesline, or grab yourself a drying rack if the sun is out.



Switch out your old globes for energy-efficient LED light bulbs and where you can use natural light. Do open up your blinds and curtains and do everything you can to decrease your expensive power bills.




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You can also invest in energy-efficient appliances that work hand in hand with your new solar system. You can read our previous blog post: Top 5 Appliances to use with solar here.

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