Australians could be set to benefit from cheaper home batteries, as the Bill which proposes a subsidy for home battery installations is debated in Federal Parliament.

The proposed subsidy would make home batteries more affordable for Australians, and would encourage a greater uptake of renewables. If passed, the Bill would give more Australians the chance to install home batteries and reduce their reliance on grid-supplied electricity.


A home battery is a device that stores energy produced by solar panels or other renewable energy systems, and can be used to supply your home with electricity. Home batteries are becoming increasingly popular in Australia as the price of home battery technologies reduces, making them more accessible to homeowners.


Home batteries are still expensive for most Australians – a typical home battery installation could cost between $8000 and $20,000. The home batteries subsidy proposed in the Bill would reduce the price of home batteries for Australian households by up to 40 per cent – making home battery systems more affordable for Australians and encouraging a greater uptake of home battery technologies.

The home batteries bill is being supported by Labor and has been introduced by Greens MP Adam Bandt. The home battery subsidy would apply to home batteries installed alongside solar, and home batteries installed independently of a renewable energy system.

The home battery subsidy Bill is being debated in the House of Representatives this week. If passed, it will be reviewed after 12 months and then again every three years – with the aim of encouraging a greater uptake of home battery technologies and reducing Australia’s reliance on grid-supplied electricity.

For more information, visit the website of Greens MP Adam Bandt.

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