Australia’s clean energy future is looking bright, and with it comes a range of new career opportunities. The Clean Energy Council has just released the Clean Energy Careers Guide, which provides an overview of the many jobs available within the clean energy sector. So if you’re wondering how you can be a part of Australia’s clean energy transition, it’s actually more accessible than ever.

Clean Energy Council Chief Executive, Kane Thornton, explains, ‘The Clean Energy Council is working on painting a picture of what clean energy jobs exist, as a means of supporting individuals, Australian governments, education and training systems, and clean energy employers to fill the widening skills gaps.’

‘The clean energy industry can provide fulfilling career opportunities, and it’s important that young Australians can envisage their futures in the sector, education and training organisations can offer the right pathways, and government support systems can focus their efforts where they are most needed.’

The Clean Energy Careers Guide is a great starting point for anyone interested in pursuing a career in clean energy. It includes information on the types of jobs available, the skills and qualifications needed, and where to find employment opportunities. There’s also a handy list of valuable resources, including links to clean energy courses offered by Australian universities.

With the 2030 emission reduction target now enshrined in legislation, addressing the clean energy skills gap will be crucial to ensuring that the industry’s growth isn’t impeded and that Australia’s clean energy transition continues to escalate.

  • Separate from the Clean Energy Careers Guide, the CEC others other developmental tools, including:
    the Women in Renewables program
  • The Clean Energy at Work report, which highlights the results of the largest study of current and projected employment in the renewable energy industry in Australia;
  • The Clean Energy Careers Hub, a listing of jobs across the renewable energy and energy storage sector;

The CEC is also in the midst of launching the Clean Energy Learning Hub, which will equip the sector with quality, accessible, and industry-bespoke professional development opportunities.

So if you’re keen to get involved in Australia’s clean energy future, be sure to check out the Clean Energy Careers Guide. It might just be the resource you’ve been looking for.

The Clean Energy Careers Guide can be found via –

You can also see the jobs that EFS Solar has available and apply online via our careers page.