is-your-roof-solar-readyIs your roof solar ready?

Across the nation, solar panels are becoming an increasingly popular way to generate electricity. As a result, businesses and homeowners are beginning to see the benefits of solar energy, including reducing reliance on fossil fuels and saving money on energy costs.

If you’re considering installing solar panels on your roof, it’s essential to ensure that your roof is ready for solar. So, let’s discuss what makes a roof solar-ready and how you can make sure your roof is ready for solar power!

Firstly, we want to say that if you’re in the early stages of building your home and intend to install solar down the track, ensure your builder is aware of this desire. This will ensure that the roof design will suit the installation.

For current homeowners, you’ll need to consider the following things:

ROOF PITCH: A solar-ready roof preferably has a minimum pitch of 15 degrees. However, 20-30 degrees is optimal as it allows for easier solar panel installation and cleaning. On the other hand, if your roof is a flat surface, tilt frames are used to manipulate the panel to an optimal angle for ultimate efficiency.

STATIC LOAD: Your roof must be able to support the weight of the solar panels. This is especially important if you plan to install a large solar system.

WIND LOAD: Solar panels are rated for certain wind speeds, so it’s important that your roof can withstand the wind speed in your area.

MOUNTING METHOD: There are three main ways solar panels can be mounted on roofs – ballasted, flush or rack-mounted. You’ll need to ensure your roof can support the solar panel mounting method you choose.

ROOF CLADDING THICKNESS: This is the thickness of your roofing material and is important to consider as some solar panel mounts require attaching to roof trusses.

ROOF ACCESS: Your solar installer will need access to your roof to install solar panels, so ensure easy and safe access to your roof.

If you’re not sure whether your roof meets all of the solar readiness requirements, don’t worry! A solar installer can advise you on the best course of action.

Making sure your roof is solar-ready is an important step in the solar installation process. By following these tips, you can be sure that your roof is ready for solar power!

If you’re unsure, the EFS Solar team can use their mapping software to give you all the information you require about your solar roof readiness. Reach out to us today for a no-obligation quote! We’re always happy to help.