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After Install Docs

Inside of these document you will find details on how to restart your inverter, how to identify a fault, what information you will need to provide your power provider and your maintenance schedule. Use the below links to download the relevant document for your state or territory:


Once your new system has been installed, you may need to wait for your power meter to be upgraded before the system can be turned on. The only reason you may be able to use the system straight away would be where we have removed an existing system prior to installing the new one.

No you don’t and in fact we always encourage people to shop around for the best tariffs possible. Please note that you must wait until after your meter change over has been completed otherwise you will run into some issues.

After your solar has been installed, we will make contact with the relevant provider for your area and lodge any necessary paperwork required. The turn around time on receiving a reply from any of these providers vary however their standard wait times are 5-10 business days.

The monitoring app for your system will be determined by the brand of inverter you have selected. For Goodwe inverters the app is called ‘Sems portal’ and for our Sungrow inverters, the app is called ‘iSolarCloud’. Both apps are available on Android & Apple and also have a website version that can be accessed from anywhere.

The equipment that we supply require very little (if any) servicing however a maintenance schedule and directions can be found inside of the ‘After Install’ document found above.

The main thing you want to keep an eye on is that there’s always a green light on your inverter during the day. If that light ever turns red then it means there is a fault. If you notice there is a fault then we recommended restarting the inverter, to do this you just follow the shutdown procedure sticker that’s on the inverter. If this doesn’t resolve the issue please give us a call.

In the video library section listed below, we have a great video that shows you how to do this process step by step.

Video Tutorials

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